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Master Menopause Program

Go from surviving to thriving in menopause

"optimise your gut health, lose weight, FEEL GREAT and LIVE MORE!" 

Dr Jennifer Cooney Menopause Health Coach
Salad with ingredients

If you are ready to discover a simple and sustainable way to help you THRIVE in menopause, optimise your gut health, lose weight AND feel great, without ever counting a single calorie again or restrictive eating ...
YOU are in the right place!

Master Menopause  is my signature 12-week
1:1 nutrition and lifestyle medicine program designed specifically to help you lose weight, feel great, live more and THRIVE!  

Dr Jennifer Cooney Menopause Health Coach

Does this sound like you?

You are fed up with menopause weight gain, fatigue, poor sleep and low mood
You feel like you are doing everything right but nothing seems to work
You feel like
you have lost the old you!

I hear you and I've got you!

A few years ago, I was experiencing the most debilitating symptoms of my life. I went from a highly active person, fit and well, to barely being able to get off the sofa. 


Eventually, I was diagnosed with early menopause. I felt a huge sense of relief that I finally had answers and a treatment plan, which included hormone replacement therapy. However, as a health physiologist and coach, I knew my recovery to full health needed a holistic approach. 

Fed up with gaining weight, feeling bloated, lethargic and just not myself, I prioritised doing everything I could to feel well again. After a few months of optimising my gut health, I started to feel so much better. I made small, manageable changes overtime (done consistently, not perfectly!), I lost the weight that I had put on, I no longer felt bloated or fatigued, I had more energy, my sleep improved, and I finally started to feel more like my happy self again!   

Dr Jennifer Cooney Menopause Health Coach

As a lifestyle medicine practitioner, I have spent years helping people living with various health challenges to improve their health and well-being. Shocked by the lack of awareness, knowledge and support available to women navigating menopause, I felt compelled to do my bit to change this.  

That is why I have used my own personal experience, years of training and working in health and lifestyle medicine, to help women just like you, take back control of your health, so you can get back to FEELING GREAT & LIVING MORE! 

I’m Dr Jen, Health Physiologist and Health Coach and I have developed a step-by-step, 12-week program, based on the latest scientific evidence, designed specifically for you, to help you optimise your gut health and banish menopause weight gain (& more) for good! 

... and I can’t wait to help you with that! 

I hear you

This program is for you, if: 

  • You are fed up with menopause weight gain and don’t know where to start

  • You have tried counting calories/restrictive eating/cutting carbs but nothing seems to work for you

  • You lack energy and motivation, but you are now ready to THRIVE

  • When you look in the mirror you don’t recognise yourself anymore and just want to feel like yourself again

  • You are ready to take back control of menopause weight gain, fatigue, poor sleep and more

  • You want to feel confident and fall in love with yourself again


Preparing Healthy Food
Outdoor Snack

By the time you have completed this 12-week program you will:


  • Know exactly how to nourish your body and how to optimise your gut health.


  • No longer need to count calories, cut carbs or feel like you are constantly on a “diet” ever again.


  • Start to lose weight and know exactly how to continue to do so and then be able to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.


  • Introduce more movement and easy stress management practices into your daily routine that fit with you and your life.


  • Have more energy, better sleep, less brain fog and better mood and realise just how powerful your new daily habits are.


  • Know how to thrive, live your best life, all whilst protecting your future health!

Don't just take it from me ...

Jen has been one of my biggest supporters on my recent journey, she listens to me with interest and kindness, encouraging me every step of the way. I would not be where I am today without Jen’s coaching

Contacting Jen was initially a cry for help. Unhealthy eating for convenience was making me sluggish and unhappy, exercise was repetitive (and not very effective) and work becoming overwhelming

Jen is so easy to talk too, no judgement and had so many hints and tips to get me to a better place. My attitude has completely changed and now, when things get overwhelming, I have solutions. Thanks Jen, best thing I did 4 months ago picking up the phone to you

Jen was brilliant, over the course of the program, we concentrated on different areas, meal planning, new recipes, different exercise and breaking down my ‘to do’ lists. Having the accountability really helped me to put things into practice and perspective

12-week signature

Master Menopause Program

this is what you will receive

Health & Lifestyle Assessment

In-depth exploration of current health & lifestyle with pre-program questionnaires that will be reviewed by Dr Jen

1:1 Coaching with Dr Jen 

1 x 90-minute (week 1) and 7 x 60-minute (week 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12) 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr Jen , held online via Zoom


Weekly email check-in with Dr Jen for accountability & support building sustainable habits

Lasting lifestyle change

You will learn about and implement small manageable lifestyle changes that will have a profound impact on your health now and in the future 


During this 12 - week program you will:

  • Get clear on your health and well-being vision and your own health goals.

  •  Learn how to nourish your body, the importance of regular movement, managing stress and getting optimal sleep for your current and future health and improve how you feel right now!


  • Optimise your nutrition and gut health, be guided, and supported to create your own weekly meal plan and shopping list (recipe ideas will be provided), and through small bite-size actions each week, you will be supported to implement these enhancements to your nutrition over the 12-weeks.

  • Level-up your daily movement and weekly exercise. You will be met at your current level of physical activity and fitness and be supported to make real progress throughout the 12-week program.

  • Learn and practice various stress management techniques and find one that is a game changer for you and your life.

  • Nail down a regular sleep routine that leaves you rested and ready to smash the next day!  

Remember YOU are in control of your health and how you feel right now!

Navigating menopause and trying to improve your health and well-being can be overwhelming at times. However, you do not have to figure this out all on your own, stay stuck in a rut or live in survival mode.


In this 12-week program I will guide you step-by-step on your journey to levelling up your nutrition, movement, stress management and sleep. My four-pronged approach will leave no stone unturned and will optimise your gut health, so you can banish menopause weight gain and more for good!  


Menopause really is a time for you to THRIVE!


I know that you can and you will FEEL GREAT again, and I am really excited to help you with that!

Are you READY to Master Menopause and THRIVE?

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Master Menopause Program

12-week signature 1:1 Health Coaching Program with Dr Jen




Master Menopause Program

12-week signature 1:1 Health Coaching Program with Dr Jen



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