Health Consultation with dr jen  


A Health Consultation is a thorough assessment of your current health and well-being which includes:

  • pre-consultation questionnaires

  • medical history (past and current diagnosis, symptoms and medications)

  • nutrition & hydration

  • exercise and general physical activity 

  • rest and relaxation 

  • emotional well-being (mood, stress, anxiety, depression)

  • sleep 

  • discussion of key areas you are ready and want to improve

  • specific advice and guidance on what improvements can be made to optimise your current and future health

  • post consultation written report & resources as needed

  • duration of consultation: 2-hours




Note: follow up appointments can also be booked

A health consultation with Dr Jen takes a deep dive into your current health and well-being. This health consultation will focus on the key building blocks that are scientifically proven to contribute to your overall health and well-being:

Vegan Bowl


Running Athletic Women


Girl Relaxing


Woman Sleeping


The aim of this health consultation is to:

  • provide you with a better understanding of your current health and well-being

  • help you to identify specific aspects of your lifestyle and daily habits that you can improve 

  • provide you with evidenced-based advice and guidance 

  • help you break down key focus areas into small manageable steps that you can action right away

  • improve your current and future health

Please note: a health consultation is not a diagnostic process and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Take back control of your health, feel great and live more! 


Dr Jen offers a 10-minute complimentary, no obligation call to everyone who would like to know more about the 1:1 coaching packages, health consultations or to see if Dr Jen is the right health coach for you!